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Don't just trust anyone.

Remember before you spend a penny call Finney

With over 45+ years of experience, in the design, construction, and repair of European automobiles, Finney's touch is like none other. That's why Finney's is your one stop full service European auto shop

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The most vital part of vehicle ownership.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important? If you own a car, particularly a high-quality European vehicle, you want to maintain the vehicle so that it runs for many years. To have a long-lasting car you need to make sure you have the proper auto service and repairs.

Oil Change


Quality Service with Quality Prices

Auto repair is no small matter and it's essential that you find a trusted auto maintenance center who has specially trained auto technicians who can help with your automobile. While you might be tempted to simply bring your vehicle into the nearest large dealership, remember that you can often receive the same quality service (if not better!) at a smaller auto repair center where you will also receive better price and better customer service.

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Bring your dream car to life

Whether its for rock crawling, track racing, rally cross, trail running, or even just day to day. Finney's can bring your custom idea to life. Finney's is the largest custom builder of Land Rover Discovery's on the East Coast. No matter the brand Finney can make dreams into reality


Quality Autos Need Quality Parts

Unlike traditional auto parts stores that carry non-genuine parts Finney's only sells genuine OEM parts without the dealership price tags. Before you head over to any regular junk yard, dealership our auto parts store give Finney's a call.

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Car Painting

Paint & Body

Get that Showroom Shine

High Quality Automobiles need to drive feel and look the part. At Finney's we understand the importance of this and as a result are partnered with the highest quality independently owned paint and body shops. In the event of an accident or as a result of time let our network of automotive professionals transform your rides look back to showroom quality.


Frame on or Frame Off

When it comes to restorations, look no further. Whether its Frame-on, Frame off or resto-mods, Finney's has got you covered. We have restored hundreds of cars from classic Land-Rovers, Jaguars, BMW's and Mercedes Benzes.

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